What is Classic Barbering and Why Would I want a Classic Barber?


We hear a lot of talk about self-care, but are we taking advantage of those rituals? Or are we just getting our hair cut? 

There is a good amount of nostalgia for a barbershop. We might remember being younger and going with either our dad, grandfather, uncle, or mom. Perhaps we watched the older men getting cleaned up, the face shaving with the close blade.

We watched Donald Draper and admired his routine getting a fresh shave and cut. There is also a sense of community in having a classic barber experience. A place that you go to, ritually, and the comfort in knowing that this Master Barber knows you and your hair. Then, the satisfaction of knowing when you leave you’re going to feel so much better than when you walked in.

classic barbering tools
classic barbering chair

A traditional barber, or classic barbering, likely won’t offer coloring, or product-specific treatments (like deep conditioning, chemical relaxing, etc.). So, to summarize, old-school barbering can be defined as a barber who is trained traditionally, who focuses on men’s style and services.

A barber specializes in cutting men’s hair. In addition to knowing what men want in a haircut, they are familiar with the styles available to men. In addition, a male barber has the advantage of being able to relate to you. Your barber is familiar with men’s hair, so he’ll be able to assist you in deciding what’s right for you.

Benefits of Our classic Barbering:

The environment of a barbershop is decidedly masculine.


You can get a great shave.
Unparalleled service

A barbershop provides services tailored to gentlemen. You can also get a beard trim, mustache trim, scalp massage, line up, and much more from someone who knows men’s hair. This includes a hot lather shave with a straight razor, the hallmark of a great barbershop. There is no such service offered at a salon, but men all over the world consider it one of the most luxurious barbershop experiences available.