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Barbering is a skill that will always be in demand. Over the course of many generations and changes in fashion, the haircare industry has not only remained relevant but also important. It doesn’t matter if a person sports closely cropped cuts, locks, or an afro; a good lineup is crucial to a stylish appearance. The barbershop will always be busy, and the barber will always have work to do.

Barbering is a Creative Outlet

Barbers are artists, and hair is your medium. In addition to learning new barbering techniques, you will also be given the opportunity to experiment with the latest hair trends which are always changing. You have the opportunity to create a masterpiece with each client that walks through your door. A barber’s job is never boring for those who are creatively inclined.

Barbering is a Social Tradition

In the barber shop, you get to experience an exclusive social atmosphere. Traditional barbershops provide male clients with a place to meet and socialize. Along with getting barbering services, clients are able to catch up on current events, sports, and community news. A social tradition steeped with years and years of social engagement among peers and comraderie

Continue to Grow and Learn

By putting more effort into mastering your profession, you will earn more. As opposed to many industries, your earning potential is virtually unlimited. Finding a barber who meets the needs of your customers can be a challenge, but when they do, they will most likely stay with you for years and even recommend you to their friends. When you continue to learn, you stay current and may be able to cater to a wider more diverse client, gaining their trust in the process.


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FAQ's About Working at Cut & Shave

In what year was the shop established? May 2016

What are the hours? Monday 10am – 5pm / Tuesday – Saturday 9:00am – 7:00pm 

How many chairs does the shop have? 12 Chairs  

What is the average range of Services per barber per day? 10 Services Per Day Per Barber

What are the top 3 services? Haircuts, Beard Work/ Hot Towel Shave, Cut & Beard Work

Pre and Post Pandemic Business: Pre 2k Services / Post 1K Services Monthly Average

Price Range of Top 3 Services: $30 – $70 

Average Tip % per Service: 18% – 25%

What does the daily average traffic look like? 45 total traffic between daily walk & call in / website clicks

How does the shop advertise to recruit new customers?  Our professional barber experience, our Google business team, Yelp & word of mouth

Do most customers book online or walk in? Roughly 85% of our customers book online through our website booking application

Does the shop have good reviews? Google 4.6 / Yelp 4.5 

What is the atmosphere in the shop? Clean, comfortable, good music, vibes, loyal clientele. Team oriented barbers with branded smock, aprons and business casual attire

Do you have any minimum shop standards for customers? All Nevada State Barber Board Regulations up to and including masterful straight razor shave, beard trimming.
and shear/scissor cutting techniques. Professional customer service and dress are required by each shop member.

Do you offer any sign on bonuses or incentives to new barbers? We discuss on case by case with each candidate based on customer service, skill level and schedule availability