Why a Beard Trim Should Be Done at a Barbershop

A beard trim visit to a barber can also help keep your beard healthy. Having an experienced barber can help you understand the basics of beard care and recommend the best products for your face brushing.

Some important questions you can ask your master barber during your barbershop visit include:

  • Can you make a recommendation for my shave line around my jaw and neck?
  • What do you think might be a good beard shape and style for me? 
  • What is the best desired facial hair length for my face shape?
  • What is a reasonable amount of time between beard trims?
  • What is the best way to comb or brush my beard? 

How long does it take for the beard to grow and how much do you mind the shape and flyaways?

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 The average guy gets it done once every two weeks. In some cases, it’s once a month.

We’ve all been there. You let your facial hair grow too long, too long between barbershop visits and you find yourself wondering if maybe you can get away with a DIY beard trim. But let’s file this into the “just because you can doesn’t mean you should” drawer.

Even if you have a working knowledge of how to keep your hedge in shape, that doesn’t mean you’ll have the full picture when trimming.

Face shape, hair thickness, waviness, curliness — these are all variables impacting your best, most perfect beard. Although you can do your best to find the beard style that fits all of the variables of your beard, an experienced barber can match the right style for you.